That we were well between bourgeois in the Paris of the Belle Epoque

He was a "Parisian figure", Baron Marcel Fouquier.With his monocle in his hand, the purebred dog on a leash, the pouch in place and the air perfectly disillusioned, he went through, from one century to another , all the salons, the boudoirs, the sales rooms, the receptions, the clubs which counted.In "Happy Days of Old Time", subtitled "A Society and its Epoch 1885-1935", he paints a blissful portrait of his world, where there is not a single worker, not a single peasant, not a single sailor or boilermaker, not a single stinker.There is only fine linen: our man has obviously never crossed the borders of the Boulevard.Beyond the Opera, it's adventure.Le Sébasto, it's the unknown.After, the big leap into the void.

But, in his field of Étoile-Maxim's-Ritz, he was a keen observer.He entered the Court of Auditors very early, attached to the general management of the Universal Exhibition of 1900, appeared indolent, he multiplied his walks, and remembers the smell of dung and the noise of the wooden cobblestones in the rue de Rivoli.It is there, he says, that Prince Jérôme Bonaparte jogged (walking, not running, should not be exaggerated) and that he went "to a very beautiful lady's apartment, around midnight.He knocked in vain at the door.Finally, having been asked not to insist, he exclaimed: 'If you only knew, Madame, what I hit with! ' "

"Le Monde, c'est moi!" "

The Champs Élysées, then, were magnificent: there were the hotels of the Duc de Morny and de la Païva, then those of Baron Goury du Roslan, Count Pignatel, Duke de Gramont, Casimir Périer, Duke Caumont-la- Force, of the Count of Hauvel, of the Bamberger banker, of Baron Roger, of the Duchess of Uzès, of Mademoiselle de Béistégui ...The roadway was made of beaten earth, and "adapted wonderfully to the hooves of saddle horses and with brilliant parades ”.Tilburys, screech-owls, phaetons, victorias, mail-coaches, pony-chairs followed one another, often loaded with demi-mondaines and“ belles horizontales ”, including Clémence de Pibrac, Irma de Montigny, Paulette de Forville , Léonie des Glaïeuls, Gaby de Nerval.The socialites (the real ones) passed by, noses up in the air The Marquise de Bailleul, the Countess de Noirmont, Louise de Montesquieu, Madame Ferdinand de Bischoffsheim, the Duchess of Albuféra, Princess Alphonse de Chimay ended the evening at Mr Ridgway's, founder of the first "bar" in Pa ris, at 2, rue des Mathurins.

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