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From the Fairgate Breakfast Bar

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Thanksgiving seems like a perfect time to feature an item from our Gourmet Breakfast Bar. We take great care in selecting just the right foods for our guests to enjoy and our 5 star Brothers-All-Natural Fruit and Whole Grain Oats breakfast cereal is one example. The best instant oatmeal we’ve ever tried, Brothers is the ONLY brand that uses whole premium oats, fruit and nothing else. It’s long on flavor without additives. Guests can choose from Mixed Berry or Strawberry & Banana for a delicious hot meal that provides protein, fiber and Vitamin C. It’s also Vegan, Soy Free, Non GMO and Kosher. Doesn’t get any better than that – especially when you enjoy your oatmeal in our beautiful dining room.  Come experience a bowl or two sometime soon.

We want to take this opportunity to THANK all of our wonderful guests and friends for being such a blessing to us. May you and your loved ones enjoy a bountiful celebration and a safe holiday.


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