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Magic Chef at the Fairgate

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Chef Michael works his magic.

What do you call it when one chef creates 12,000 gourmet meals a year with a double oven and a six-burner stove? At the Fairgate, we call it magic. As in, “Chef Michael” magic. On any given day, you may find him dicing baby red potatoes at 5:00 am, marinating chicken breast at noon or creating canapes at 4:00 pm. Sometimes all three on the same day. It’s a never ending whirl of start to finish fabulous food. Whether it’s an early bird breakfast buffet for 60 corporate clients, family style dinner for 150 wedding guests or a plated anniversary party for 35, every single dish is planned and prepared with the same attention to taste and detail. No challenge or request is too tough for Michael to tackle. And that’s saying a lot especially when addressing special diets like gluten or dairy free. It takes years of experience and dedication to perfect the art of cooking. Thanks, Michael … we’re so happy to have a master in the house!

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