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Fairgate Celebrates Anniversary

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The Fairgate Inn opened its doors on May 1, 2000. Not only did the inn go on to exceed the owner’s (Chris and Jack Foyt) vision of a successful bed and breakfast, it has become one of the top event venues in the Northwest. “What a ride it has been,” shares Chris. “We’ve weathered the storms including the economy and here we are – busier than we ever dreamed possible.” Much of the Fairgate’s success is to due to the owner’s savvy hands-on management and their ability to take risks. As Jack tells it, “When the demand for event space grew bigger than our original plan,  we rose to the challenge, took a big leap and added the conservatory.” (The beautiful addition completed in 2008 gave the Fairgate an extra 2500 sq. ft. of event space.) A talented staff and continued dedication to service keeps the inn running smoothly and guests coming back for more. After thousands of guests, meals and events; is it possible that Chris remembers that very first day in 2000? “We hadn’t really gotten the word out yet or booked any reservations but that evening, a couple showed up at the door. They were travelers from Europe looking for lodging. A farmer in a nearby town had given them directions. Later that night, I got quite a surprise when I went to do my laundry. Somehow, the lady had found her way to the private laundry room (quite a feat as it’s 3 floors down and through a maze of halls) and was washing her clothes! To this day, I have no idea how that farmer knew about us.” No mystery these days as to why farmers, families and everyone in between point to the Fairgate as the place to be. Congratulations and Happy 12th! Click here to read more about the construction and history of The Fairgate Inn.

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