2213 NW 23rd Ave.    Camas, WA 98607    360.834.0861 

Local Treasure

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Just 5 minutes down the hill from The Fairgate Inn, lives award winning artist, Ulrike Halverson. Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, Ulrike is still a world traveler but makes Camas her home. After a career as a physical therapist and raising a family, Ulrike decided to pursue her dream of being an artist. Nothing pleases her more than painting the scenes she so dearly loves, especially on site. Her sketchbooks are filled with colorful renderings of places all over Europe and the west coast. Framed works line the walls of her home studio and still more fill a large closet – ready for a gallery show. On a recent visit, Ulrike pointed to two very special works; one is a painting she did of her daughter holding her baby. It captures all the sweetness of motherhood. The other is a still life oil painting done by her grandmother 100 years ago. “It’s the only one of hers,” she says with a sparkle in her eyes. “I’m very glad to have it.” And we are very glad to have Ulrike as a neighbor. View Ulrike’s gallery.

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