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Teal Appeal at The Fairgate

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The color of teal continues to be a favorite with brides for both dress and decor. Officially recognized as an English word in 1917, the color teal is thought to have been inspired by peacocks and has been used in Eastern culture make-up and fabric for centuries. The blending of blue and green into a white base creates the shade while adding grey darkens it.

Teal beaded mat easily adds sparkle and color to the centerpiece.

Teal is a color choice that works year round. It’s especially luscious in satin and silk. We’ve seen a lot of variations of teal over the years but whatever shade you choose, we know it will be a winner. Side fact: the complimentary color for teal is coral and shades of pink. Good to keep in mind when selecting flowers, centerpieces and accent colors for decor.

Ever popular M&M’s get a touch of teal for the candy buffet.

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