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The Fairgate Men at Work

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DSCN3796It takes a terrific team to keep everything running smoothly at a venue this size and this busy. We wanted to brag a bit about the wonderful guys who are a part of our crew. Not only do they have to consistently meet our high standards of being prompt, courteous, well-groomed, hard-working, energetic and experienced; they are also asked to pitch-in wherever needed … sometimes at a moment’s notice. Flexibility counts in this business. We wear lots of hats on any given day and the more you can roll with the punches and come out smiling – the better. So, you might find that sweet bartender trimming hedges the next day; or see the helpful server waxing wood floors in the morning. It truly takes a village. And we count ourselves very fortunate to have some of the best workers in town. Thanks, guys. We love ya!

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